Marvellous Trams – Eh?

For long enough, it seemed that The Scotsman had today discovered the single person in Edinburgh in favour of the trams project, publishing a letter which states, at the outset: “I should like to put on record my support for this courageous and far-sighted venture.”

And so, the letter continues: “The new tram system is the best thing to have been built in our city since the construction of Edinburgh Castle. No matter how long it takes, how much it costs or how much it has been a disruption to traffic in the city centre, when finished I am certain that all Edinburgh citizens will accept it as a magnificent achievement and worth every penny.”

But just as one's incredulity is being stretched to breaking point, all is then revealed, in the final paragraph: “Please excuse me writing this letter with a soft crayon. We are not allowed any sharp objects in this ward.”