Format Change Approved for Original 106

The Aberdeen commercial radio station, Original 106, has had a request approved to amend the format of its content.

Says broadcasting regulators, Ofcom, there were five responses to a public consultation over the proposed change.

The station's original format read: “An adult alternative station playing an album-led, credible mix of adult-orientated music, with particular appeal for 35-50 year-olds, with 24-hour news.”

The new format is: “An adult alternative station playing adult-orientated album tracks, classic rock and predominantly non-contemporary pop/rock hits, with particular appeal for 35-59 year-old male listeners, with 24-hour news.”

Says the watchdog: “Ofcom received five responses to the consultation, which ran for four weeks until October 21 2011, only two of which were non-confidential. Of the non-confidential responses, one was in favour while the other – while not expressing a view as to whether the format change should be permitted or not – was concerned that the interests and output of the two smaller commercial stations in Aberdeenshire, NECR and Waves Radio, whose coverage areas overlap with that of Original’s, should be fully taken into account by Ofcom.

The non-confidential responses may be found, along with the consultation document, here.