Sabbatical Aims to Provide 'Revolutionary' Care to Radio Stations' Advertising Clients

Advertising clients of a trio of Scots commercial radio stations can expect to receive “revolutionary” 'client care' following the return – from a year's sabbatical – of its advertising manager.

Specifically, David McAllan returns to Aberdeen-based Original 106, but his experiences will be applied to stations Wave 102 and Central FM which – like Original – are owned jointly by Adam Findlay and John Quinn.

During his sabbatical, McAllan worked at car manufacturer, BMW, and also an unnamed telephone manufacturer.

Findlay told “For the last year, we have been offering our advertising clients the chance to take out 12 months' advertising at a price that they can afford and to offer a rolling contract on an annual basis. Most radio advertising airtime is sold once every month or two months, which is hand-to-mouth and mainly because of habit on the part of advertising sales people: 'See you in a month's time'. A third of our advertising clients are now on an annualised rolling contract. Dave has gone out to learn more about client care and we hope to be able to implement this revolutionary service care programme to underpin our commitment to advertisers and provide great service benefits. We didn't send him to a media outlet to learn more about client care because we don't believe the media do it very well.”

Findlay declined to reveal the identity of the telephone manufacturer.

As well as the return of McAllan, Original has also welcomed back Stephanie Wilson, as agency executive. She joins from Radio Forth to head up what is a new role. She joined Forth from Original six months ago.