Martin Signs up for Football Phone-in Show

The Scots football broadcaster, Peter Martin, is joining the commercial radio station, Real Radio Scotland.

Martin will be continuing his presenting for Sky Sports, but is joining the Real Radio Scotland football phone-in show, with Alan Rough and Derek Johnstone.

It means Fraser Thomson moving from the phone-in but continuing on Saturday afternoon’s Real Radio Matchday:Live.

In a Real Radio statement, Martin is quoted, as saying: “I’m very happy to be joining the team at Real Radio. I know Roughy and DJ well and I’m sure we’ll have fun together on-air.”

And David Treasurer, programme controller, is also quoted, as saying: “We’re absolutely delighted to welcome Peter to the Real Radio team. Peter will further strengthen the line-up, bringing his own experience, insight and humour that will work well with Roughy and Derek and really add to the entertaining and engaging show that listeners love.”