STV reportedly confident of making programmes for all five main TV channels

STV is reportedly confident that by the end of this year – and for the first time in its history – it will have made programmes for all five main TV channels: BBC One, BBC Two, Channel 4 and Channel 5, as weil as for itself on Channel 3.

It follows an announcement that its production arm has been commissioned to produce a further series of programmes for BBC Two: 20 episodes of Celebrity Antiques Road Trip.

It was the annual general meeting yesterday of STV Group plc, and The Herald’s Greig Cameron quotes chief executive, Rob Woodward, as saying: “STV Productions is not just about us producing Scottish-based content. It is about us producing relevant content for broadcasters across the UK.”

The Scotsman’s Kristy Dorsey notes that, to date, STV has made norhing aired on Channel 5 and just one daytime show, Quiz Trippers, for Channel 4.