My top ten: Bill Magee, technology writer

MY Top Ten invites media practitioners to identify their top ten websites, apps, software tools and gadgets, etc, and here it is the turn of technology writer, Bill Magee.

Bill is a freelance business writer, mainly for Scotland on Sunday newspaper, with a specialism in technology; indeed, he was chosen inaugural Technology Writer of the Year at awards hosted earlier this year by Scottish information and communications technology trade body, ScotlandIS.

1. – web application – Like it or loath it, ‘tweeting’ has fast become THE major storytelling social media force we just cannot ignore.

2. LinkedIn – professional networking – Reach instant global connections at a stroke.

3. – website – Now in Web 2.0 format, the business end for SME business folk operating in all sectors.

4. YouTube – website – Check out the Playfair Noble Mobil for a very clever example of this online communications tool (and don’t be put off by yours truly being in it!)

5. KnowYourMobile – website – All you need to know about those pesky and quite bewildering apps and price tarrifs before shelling out your hard-earned cash.

6. ScotlandIS – website – Trade body for all you need to know about Scottish software, IT and creative technology businesses.

7. – website – Great, broad brush tech coverage for the layman.

8.  – website – Get up-to-date about your own backyard.

9. Google News – website – Comprehensive constant rundown of what’s happening.

10. Wikipedia – website – Of course, don’t believe everything you read here (bit like newspapers), but still good sources.