Glasgow design consultancy behind QR code pilot version of ‘street mag’

A GLASGOW-based design consultancy has created a digital version of a Manchester-based ‘street magazine’, sold by homeless people.

Instead of buying the print version of the magazine, customers can instead buy a card containing a QR code that allows for digital downloading.

999 Design has undertaken the work for what is currently a pilot project for the ‘Big Issue in the North’, which is affiliated to The Big Issue group of magazines.

They have been commissioned by the Glasgow-based International Street Papers Network, which supports over 100 ‘street newspapers and magazines’ in 40 countries.

The pilot project was first flagged up in May.

‘Big Issue in the North’ vendors purchase the magazine for £1 per issue and sell it for £2. The same commissions and prices apply for both print and digital.

In a media statement issued by 999 Design, ISPN director, Lisa Maclean, is quoted, as saying:

 “With more than 56million readers globally, print and digital papers provide a powerful platform for unheard voices.

“We believe this project has the potential to become not only one of the world’s largest paid digital media platforms, but one of the most important too.”

To sample the new digital version for free, visit and type in the access code: RC8XPFAG/2352