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Nicholas Just

I AM based in Glasgow but I have a car, so available to travel wherever required; be that Scotland or elsewhere in the UK.

I am keen to learn and I’m an amateur journalist who is looking for more experience. I have been published in a national newspaper a few times and local too but I would like to work on bigger things.

I am passionate about writing in general and not only working on a blog but a digital news magazine which I hope to be up and ready for download by November or December depending on how many projects I’m working on in the coming weeks/months – but it WILL be happening and I’m so excited.

I will be designing and writing it myself as I am pretty okay at designing professional-looking pages.

As well as being a journalist, I am in the process of completing a fantasy saga as well as three other fantasy stories I’m planning and writing at the same time.

Two horrors I’m in the planning stages and a mystery based on true events in my local area. I hope to be a published author soon (start of 2018 is my goal) but, for now, journalism is my main target while the novels are in production.

I am also pretty good with a lens and have both a professional Canon camera and Canon camcorder.

I am good with Photoshop as well as InDesign and own the whole Adobe kit I plan on mastering in time. It is a good hobby to have and is very exciting to me. Boring to others, perhaps, but I really like it.

I will post links of my articles when I get a chance. Just as an example of my work and a link to my blog and new digital news mag when it is up and running. Watch this space!

* I apologise if there are any grammar mistakes as I’m dyslexic but I work hard to try and overcome it. I’ve wanted to do this line of work since I was four years-old and learned to write by reading newspapers so the passion started very early in life.

I just had to develop and fight the demons. If I can do it, any budding dyslexic journalist can. I have faith in us all.

Contact details

Telephone (1): 07517382982
LinkedIn: http://