Media Release: Dining gets a lift at La Bonne Auberge

Wine glasses

FOR the first time in Glasgow, diners will be able to take advantage of the brand new ‘Wine Flights’, which afford the perfect opportunity to compare, contrast and discover new favourites.

Available exclusively within La Bonne Auberge, and priced from just £5, the world of wine can now be explored, as diners opt to sample three (x 50ml) glasses of different styles of wine, side by side, and decide for themselves which one they believe best accompanies their choice of food.

A variety of wines  are available in the ‘flight’, each of which have been hand selected by La Bonne Auberge’s sommelier, Sean Simpson, working in close partnership with the restaurant’s award-winning executive chef, Gerry Sharkey.

Sean explains: “At La Bonne Auberge, it is our belief that food and wine are intrinsically linked, and should be enjoyed together, in harmony, with each dish served being further enhanced by the wine which accompanies it.

“Now, with the introduction of Wine Flights, we believe the experience of dining out is about to be transformed.

“We totally understand that everyone’s palate is different so, now, rather than simply go with our recommendation, guests have the ability to cost effectively and responsibly select a number of different wines, and decide for themselves which wine, in their opinion, best suits the food.”

An extensive range of wines is available for the Flights including;


Colombard-Sauvignon, Côtes de Gascogne, Crusan, Vermentino, Vin de France, J. Moreau et Fils, Pinot Grigio delle Venezie, Parini, Italy , Cotes du Rhône Blanc, Les Rabassières, Skalli, Rhône, France, Picpoul de Pinet, Domaine Sainte-Anne, Languedoc-Rouissillon, France, Marsanne-Viognier, Rare Vineyards, Pays d’Oc, France, Cinsault-Syrah Rosé, Crusan, Pays d’Oc, France, Rioja Rosado Bodegas Corral, Don Jacobo, Rioja, Spain, Cotes du Rhône Rosé, Les Rabassières, Skalli, Rhône, France


Grenache-Merlot, Pays d’Oc, Crusan, France, Marselan, Vin de France, J. Moreau et Fils, Carignan, Rare Vineyards Vielles Vignes, Pays d’Herault, Côtes du Rhône Rouge, Les Rabassières, Skalli, Rhône, France  , Pinot Noir, Destinéa, Val de Loire, Joseph Mellot, Loire, France, Merlot del Lazio Togale, Fontana Candina, Lazio, Italy

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