Media Release: Inveralmond Brewery launches The Inspiration Series

Press Sunburst Shelf Shot

INVERALMOND Brewery, an independent brewer of craft beers based in Perth, has today revealed a series of new brews called ‘The Inspiration Series’, crafted to delight beer fans across the UK and beyond.

The vision for this series, which has been developed by Head Brewer Ken Duncan as his professional nod to fellow brewing artisans around the globe, is to deliver a flexible, edgy and sophisticated series of world beers that showcases Inveralmond’s versatility as a craft brewer.

Bold designs with punchy colours will ramp up the product’s shelf and bar presence, with a notable deviation from the company’s other branding.

Bob Hogg, the company’s commercial director, commented on the new approach: “With The Inspiration Series, we have seized the opportunity to pour the same passion and creativity into the entire product development process that we do with our brewing.

“We understand that to surpass our already considerable consumer estimation, and to surprise newcomers, requires something of a renegade approach, and from its inception to its realisation, this new series of products will deliver with our own, whistle-stop tour of global beer creation.”

Inspiration #1, Sunburst will be the initial brew to break through into the public domain, and will be available in 330ml bottles for the first time having been introduced in keg/cask in the late 1990s.

Other beers in the series are yet to be revealed, but an exclusive preview run of Inspiration #4, a German Festival brew called Marzenfest, has been commissioned and is available in cask only at the Wetherspoon Spring Beer Festival, which runs until 10th April.

In salute to the Bohemian pilsners of the Czech Republic, the creation of Sunburst was sparked by Ken Duncan’s close relationship with the country.

The Inveralmond head brewer speaks fluent Czech, and his brew incorporates a strain of yeast gifted to him by Břevnovský Pivovar, one of the oldest brewing sites in Prague, where beer is said to have been produced since the year 993.

As for its taste, Ken commented: “With this beer, the taste of which has been developing over the last 15 or so years, I am aiming to capture that altogether refreshing moment in time where the sun rapidly appears following a heavy rain storm, creating the instantly fresh appeal of ozone in the air which is so tangible you can taste and smell it.

“To me it’s the ultimate sunny day, the refreshing drink. Golden, hoppy and instantly satisfying.”

Explains a spokesperson: “The story behind the beer, not just its brewing, is equally as fascinating.

“Ken dates the start of the brewing process to a time which he unexpectedly describes as ‘pre 9/11′ – this puzzling point of reference indicative of the simple reason that the liquid yeast cultures from which Sunburst is developed, made their first journey to Scotland from the Czech Republic in six simple bottles, carried directly onto the plane in Ken’s hand luggage.

“A transportation method that would be an impossibility under current security measures.”

Ken commented: “Yes, it was a very different time back then, and so I thought nothing of bringing the liquid yeast back on the plane with me.

“I was stopped at the airport, and questioned by officials, but brewing in the Czech Republic is such a well- respected occupation, that when I explained what was in the bottles and their destination, I was allowed to board the plane with their blessing.”

The growth in craft beers over the last ten years has been exponential and, for beer lovers, the next best tasting beer is always just around the corner.

Inveralmond Brewery is hoping to make their mark in this crowded market with their series specialist beers, made in the style of famous brewing traditions, which will be served up to beer fans in bottle, craft keg and cask.

There certainly seems to be no shortage of demand for Inveralmond Brewery’s craft beer range, which also includes Ossian, Thrappledouser, Lia Fail, Blackfriar, and, for this year only, Homecoming Scotland.

The Inspiration Series was revealed online on Tuesday 8th April at 7.30pm in an innovative online tasting broadcast that was conducted live on YouTube and will be available for review at:

Bob Hogg, commercial director of The Inveralmond Brewery, commented

“We really couldn’t wait to reveal Sunburst to the world so launching online seemed like the best place to do it – that way everyone can be involved in this unique experience.”


For further information about The Inveralmond Brewery please contact Tricia Fox on 07989 955039 or

Joining the Virtual Launch Online 

  1. At 19:30hrs GMT/BST (UK) on Tuesday 8th April, pop onto your computer/laptop/tablet/phone and access the live video link.
  2. There are three ways to access the video.

The proceedings will unfold as follows:

•           Introductions (one minute)

•           The Inspiration Series (three minutes)

•           Introduction to Inspiration Series #1 (four minutes)

•           The tasting (four minutes)

•           The Q&A (five – ten minutes)

There will be Q&A delivered using the text/comments panels on YouTube on the video. Afterwards the video will then be saved and made available on YouTube for referencing. You will also be supplied in advance with an official press release accompanying the launch of Inspiration Series #1 for you to use as you require.

Stockists of Sunburst Inspiration Series #1:


  • McGinty’s Meal & Ale
  • Redgarth Hotel
  • Ship Inn Stonehaven


  • The Potting Shed


  • Saramago Café

Perthshire/West Perthshire

  • Ballathie House Hotel
  • Bankfoot Inn
  • Cherrybank Inn
  • Crieff Hydro
  • The Kenmore Hotel
  • The Green Room
  • Greyfriars Bar
  • The Pitcairngreen Inn
  • The Post Box Restaurant and Bar
  • The Tavern

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Contact: Tricia Fox
Phone: 07989955039