Email bitching keeps PRs amused

WHAT began as email correspondence between two London-based public relations companies has become, thanks to it winging its way around the internet, a ‘bitchfest’ for all in PR to delight in.

It seems there was some party hosted by one of the companies and attended by the other who were moved to write, afterwards: “We all had such a great time last night, fantastic entertainment & drinks and music by the DJ was brilliant – we all danced until out feet hurt!!!”

But the compliments suddenly end, as the email continues: “Well, the celebrity attendance was what – zero? Oh no, let me think now, oh yes Syed (the one that didn’t even come second in what was that show, The Apprentice?) he was there.

“And journalists, well now, I did have a pretty full house crack team of publicists with me try as we might to spot one, well I think it was what – zero? Oh, no, wrong again, Chris Sullivan was there. He did let slip to me though that he only popped in to see Mick (the lovely promoter)… We all make mistakes.”

Which prompted the reply: “I’m terribly sorry that you obviously don’t know your media well enough to recognise some of the UK’s most influential press by face. We were looking after… [at which point a long string of hacks’ names are reeled off].”

Cue much subsequent correspondence, in similar, bitchy, vein, plus others adding their tuppence worth.