Photographer ushers in exhibition tribute

AN Edinburgh photographer has diversified from taking publicity shots for musicians, The Proclaimers, and has instead turned his camera lens on the band’s fans who have confessed to singing a Proclaimers’ tune in public.

Colin Usher has worked for The Proclaimers and their management for the last eight years. And for this year’s Leith Festival – opening on Friday, in Edinburgh – he has compiled an exhibition of fans, each one having The Proclaimers’ trademark spectacles added, to add humour.

Part of the festival’s ‘Alternative Leith Team’, the exhibition is being hosted in The Compass Bar on Queen Charlotte Street in Leith. It runs until the end of next month.

Usher’s credits include The Face magazine, The Scotsman, Muzik Magazine and NME as well as producing image and production stills for many Scottish theatre and contemporary dance companies.