Search for ‘super sub’ proving frustrating

THE deputy managing director of Scotland’s largest contract publisher has bemoaned what he describes as a ‘dying breed’ of production journalist.

Alan Ramsay, of Connect Communications, says a search for a ‘super sub-editor’ has proven frustrating. His company publishes more than fifty titles, including several tabloid newspapers for high-profile clients.

The Paisley-based company is on the hunt for a newspaper journalist who can sub, plan, design and even project-manage some of their products.

Says Ramsay: “The person we are looking for seems to be a dying breed. When new technology hit newspapers, many journalists seemed to encompass the multi-skilling that came with the change.

“Now, it seems many newspapers are using more designers who don’t have the subbing skills or are producing pages direct from the writers without a sub touching the copy. Therein lies our problem. We need people who can handle all those skills.”