Sole to sole

SCOTSMAN staff have been no doubt examining their soles these last 24 hours, for fear they may come to a sticky end, as warned in an email sent around the paper’s Edinburgh HQ yesterday.

Which read: “Could all staff please be be aware that the atrium floor tiles can at times be a potential slip hazard, particularly when wet.

“This condition occurs when floor tiles are being mopped and cleaned or when liquid spillages occur. It also occurs when the weather is wet or icy outside the building and when staff then enter reception with wet footwear.

“Suitable warning signs will be displayed when any cleaning is taking place or outside inclement weather conditions prevail; however, please can all staff remember to wipe their feet on the floor mats provided when entering the building.

“It is important to be aware that certain types of footwear soles also raise the risk of slips on the smooth surface of the tiles. Smooth-soled fashion shoes and new shoe soles can raise the risk of losing a foothold on these tiles.”