Writes Chris Bell

allmediascotland.com is about to change, in terms of design, functionality and style of editorial.

That may lead to some disruption of normal services over the next few weeks, not least because there are holidays to be had.

It does mean also the prospect of new voices, from a galaxy of bloggers.

So far, Nick Clayton, David Calder and Shaun Milne.

Now, it’s the turn of Chris Bell…

CLEARING out cupboards should be a relatively easy exercise.

Just remember that most of the stuff in there hasn’t been looked at for months, if not years; so, by that very fact alone, should be confined to the bin.

But we’re a curious bunch, and no matter how determined we may think we are, that tattered document and yellowing press cutting quite clearly needs one last read.

Yesterday was that kind of day and I soon had a substantial pile of papers that would keep me occupied ‘til the football season started.

Now stick with me here, there is a point to my ‘spring cleaning’ tale.

Coffee and chocolate bar in hand, I set to work laughing my way through some pretty banal fodder, which set me thinking why I had kept this stuff for a day, let alone six months or more.

But hang on, what’s this? A coffee-stained copy of the Sunday Herald newspaper, with a story about the standard of PR in Scotland, was glaring up at me.

Right, the rest of the stuff can go in the wheelie bin, let’s have another read at this one.

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