Scottish Sun joins London snub of New Labour

THE Scottish Sun has joined its London-based sister title’s snub of New Labour, with a front page declaration: ‘Labour’s Lost It’.

The move marks the end of over a decade of support for New Labour and was timed to coincide with the party’s conference and the day after Prime Minister and party leader, Gordon Brown, had delivered his keynote speech to members.

But in the Scottish Sun, there is no overt plug for the Conservatives and its leader, David Cameron.

On Scotland’s future, it says: “How could it come to this? A Labour Government in Westminster. A Scottish Prime Minister at No 10. Yet they have allowed traditional voters in their strongest of strongholds to become so disenchanted that we’ve drifted within a vote of breaking up Britain.”

Later, it adds: “If David Cameron becomes the next Prime Minister, Scotland needs to make the best of it. We need to be convinced that he is serious about Scotland. That he really cares about what happens north of the border.

“The run-up to the General Election will be the most important in Scotland’s recent political history. The debate starts here. And it is time for Cameron to come out from behind the rhetoric and show what he will really do for our nation.”