Course Promises Practical Introduction to FoI

Journalists are being invited to attend a practical introduction on how to use Freedom of Information legislation, including for those completely new to it.

Organised by the Campaign for Freedom of Information in Scotland, the half-day seminar promises to help participants learn how to make effective FOI requests, how to challenge refusals and how to recognise and avoid some of the key pitfalls.

It is taking place in Glasgow, on June 4.

The course will be presented by Carole Ewart, co-convener of the Campaign for Freedom of Information in Scotland; David Goldberg, a law lecturer and information rights campaigner; and Chris Bartter, who recently retired after 20 years as communications officer for the Scottish division of the trade union, UNISON.

A Campaign for Freedom of Information in Scotland spokesperson told “This course will focus on the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act and the parallel Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations.

“It is a course that journalists will wish to attend because they will learn how to use, or better use, their freedom of information rights, taking into account decisions taken by the Scottish Information Commissioner and his interpretation of the legislation.

“The course will help requesters make effective requests, avoid pitfalls, understand what public authorities should do to the help them, when requests can be refused on cost grounds, understand how the exemptions and public interest tests apply and how to challenge refusals.”

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