Sunday Herald Sales Take Another Hit

Sales in Scotland of the Sunday Herald are almost 30 per cent down on what they were 12 months ago, according to the latest circulation figures – a deterioration on what was a bleak set of figures a month ago.

Says the Audit Bureau of Circulation, the average sale during last month of the Sunday title – which was relaunched on January 9, as a single-section 'news magazine' – are down to 30,999, down some 27.5 per cent on the year before, when the figure was 42,786.

A month ago, the paper's publishers and its editor came out strongly in support of the new look – which is an attractive design on high-quality newsprint. A fortnight ago, they accepted reader feedback on it no longer being possible to share the paper at the one time, by launching a sports supplement.

But its March average is down on its February average of 32,936, which was some 21 per cent down, year-on-year, the previous February having seen its average stand at 41,796.

Says a statement issued by publishers: “The Herald & Times Group said the Sunday Herald is meeting its revenue targets and developing a loyal readership attracted to the newspaper by its unique news magazine feel and format.

“The Sunday Herald was relaunched this year and, in response to reader feedback, now includes a pull-out sports section with more enhancements pending.

“We are proud of the title and the response from our readers and advertisers to the compact size, quality content and the flair of its design.”

As reported yesterday on, the paper is at the weekend launching a pioneering free music promotion, using bar code technology rather than a traditional, cover mount CD, which, the paper says, will save “tons of global-warming carbon dioxide created producing CDs traditionally given away with newspapers”.

The paper has teamed up with Scottish independent record company, Chemikal Underground, to give readers 15 free tracks of alternative music from bands based from Scotland to the US and Ireland.

More ABCs to follow…