David Steel laments ‘steady coarsening of the public media’

THE former Scottish Parliament Presiding Officer, David Steel, has lamented the “steady coarsening of the public media”.

Reports the Queensferry Gazette, Lord Steele was giving the Kirkgate Lecture in Linlithgow, organised by a local Church.

He is quoted, as saying: “I must admit I hanker after the vision of Lord Reith that it should be an instrument to entertain and to educate.

“‘In places it still does that splendidly but my excitement that the Borders was the first TV region to go digital was short-lived when I discovered that our enlarged choice consisted mostly of a hundred or so channels of rubbish.”

Read the full speech, here, where he says: “My second example of our collective failing is less tangible and less easy to tackle, namely the steady coarsening of the public media.”