Raeburn returns as interim director of Scottish Newspaper Society, as Chisholm steps down

A NEW director of the Scottish Newspaper Society is being sought, following the stepping down of Jim Chisholm.

Former director, Jim Raeburn, has returned to the Society, on an interim basis, as a successor to Chisholm (pictured) is found – a process that is expected to take up to three months.

Chisholm was appointed in June last year, having previously been, among other things, a media consultant, including based in Lille, France.

Chisholm stepped down on Thursday. The three days-a-week work commitment to SNS has proven too much.

He told allmediascotland.com: “It’s been a great job, but it requires more time that I am able to devote to it, because I have still been doing my consultancy, which is now international and covers all news media.”

Newspaper editors were informed of the return of Raeburn this afternoon.

Among other things, the SNS runs the Scottish Press Awards, which are taking place a fortnight tomorrow.