Help required to measure impact of the recession on the Scottish newspaper industry

NEWSPAPER journalists, those still working for newspapers or are recently no longer, are being invited to take part in research about the impact of the recession on the industry in Scotland.

Alison Hills, at the University of the West of Scotland, is studying for a post-graduate diploma in careers guidance and has issued a questionnaire to measure how the recession has affected the labour market in the newspaper industry.

She reassures that all answers will be treated in complete confidence.

She writes: “As part of the diploma,  I am doing a study on the effects of the recession on journalism and the newspaper industry in Scotland/Glasgow. The information contained within this study will be used only for the purposes of the project and read only by myself and the course assessors.”

A deadline of the 18th of this month has been set for responses, which should be sent to

The questions can be answered also on

1. Over the last few years have you seen any changes in the number of new vacancies/opportunities for journalists/within the newspaper industry? Yes/No/Don’t know. Please explain.

2. Do you think the recession has affected the newspaper industry in Scotland? Yes/No/Don’t know. If yes, in what ways?

3. Are the number of people applying for journalism jobs increasing or decreasing in the last few years? Increased/Decreased/Don’t know. Why do you think this is?

4. Do you think the recession has affected the number of job opportunities for journalists in Scotland? Yes/No/Don’t know If yes, in what ways?

5. Do you think it is more difficult than it used to be for graduates to get a place at a newspaper?

6. Are there any other ways that you think the recession has had an effect on journalism/the newspaper industry?

7. Do you think there are any other reasons for the downturn in the newspaper industry?

8. What do you think the solution is for the newspaper industry/journalism profession?

9. If the recession continues or gets worse, how do you think this will affect the future of the newspaper industry?

10. Have you seen an increase in the number of freelance journalists recently due to the recession?

11. Any other comments?

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Job title:

Place of work: (Glasgow/Edinburgh/other – please specify)