Fears Raised for Price of Newsprint

Newspaper publishers are reported to be bracing itself for a sharp increase in the price of newsprint, which – says the trade website, HoldtheFrontPage – “threatens” the prospect of recovery in the industry.

Says the site, newsprint prices could rise by at least 25 per cent, and it adds that “some regional daily editors are privately admitting it could even lead to frequency changes”.

It quotes Gary Cullum, editor and publisher of the Newspaper Society-owned publication, Production Journal, saying: “Newsprint price increases of between 25 per cent and 30 per cent are being asked for by all paper producers for 2011, with no guarantees that the price can be held for 12 months.

“Sensitive negotiations are under way that could have far-reaching impacts on the industry.

“Publishers have been hurting through reduced revenues and fast-moving business models and have little left to cut by way of reduced paginations and smaller formats.

“With such potential increases in the pipeline adding perhaps £80 to £100 a tonne to current prices, this would place a huge burden on consumers.”