Compact Switch for Press and Journal Newspaper

The Press and Journal newspaper has switched from broadsheet size to compact. But the move – replicating one seven years ago for the Saturday edition of the paper – will currently only apply on a Monday.

The design elements of today’s edition will be worked into tomorrow’s, when the paper returns to broadsheet size.

Says editor, Damian Bates, on page three of today’s edition: “Today sees the Press and Journal go compact on a Monday with a new lifestyle section and significantly more sports coverage. But you will also find it maintains its gravitas and analysis of the news so that you can keep up to date with all the happenings in your area and further afield.”

Involved in the design were Edinburgh-based newspaper designers, Palmer Watson, who are currently involved in redesign projects (print, online and iPad) for nine newspapers in Scandinavia: five in Finland, two in Denmark and two in Norway. They carried out the redesign of the Press and Journal four years ago.

A simpler design than previously, key elements include a reduction in the number of straplines and subheadlines, a different approach to the presentation of pictures, revised graphic details and a switch from centred to set left for all typographic elements such as headlines, bylines and captions.

The move means The Herald becomes Scotland’s only broadsheet newspaper on a Monday. Correction: No it's not. See comment below. Apologies.