Oban Times’ firework video rockets to worldwide fame

ITS reporting talks of a ‘fiasco‘, but the Oban Times newspaper must be also secretly thanking the organisers of a local fireworks display, which resulted in a half-hour programme being mistakenly condensed into an one-minute spectacular.

It means that the paper’s video of the fireworks all going off at pretty much the same has become a worldwide hit on the video sharing website, YouTube.

With over 680,000 hits already, the video has made it into the top ten most-viewed YouTube videos this week.

Says the paper: “Since The Oban Times’ video of the 50-second ‘fiasco’ went online, it has been picked up by news networks across the world, featuring on the likes of Fox News, Good Morning America, ABC Eyewitness News, NBC’s Today programme and Australia’s Nine News.

“Today, the video has reached more than 680,000 online viewers, ranking ninth in YouTube’s most viewed video this week. It is anticipated that more than a million people will have seen it by the end of the week. It has been covered extensively in the UK too with daily newspapers and broadcasters picking up the story.”