Three Cheers for Jack

Jack Irvine, the former Scottish Sun editor and now executive chair of PR company, Media House International, has a soft side after all.

Honest. Despite his answer to the question, to what extent he might have mellowed since his newspaper days?, as published here.

So, it's nice to see him go all Mills & Boon when it comes to analysing the recent trip to Canada by newly-weds, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Arguing in The Scotsman today that the couple have given the monarchy a “real shot in the arm, in terms of popularity”, Irvine writes: “I believe that has been more down to Kate than Williams, although he is a nice young man – she really is perfect for the job, just perfect.”

And he later goes on: “There wasn't a single sour or bad note about the whole tour – it seemed that everything went off perfectly and it was absolutely fabulous.” 

Three cheers for Jack, then. There's been too much depressing news of late.